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Periodontal Gracey Curette

Periodontal Gracy Curette

The periodontal curette is a type of hand-activated instrument used in dentistry and dental hygiene for the purpose of scaling and root planing.

Indication of use and function
Gracey curettes are area-specific periodontal curettes made from stainless steel used to remove supra and subgingival calculus. Along with universal curettes, Gracey curettes are one of the main instruments used for scaling and root planing. Gracey curettes are especially ideal for subgingival calculus removal because the design of the instrument allows for better adaptation to the anatomy of the roots

Gracey CuretteTooth Surfaces and Area of Mouth1 and 2All tooth surfaces: anterior3 and 4All tooth surfaces: anterior5 and 6All tooth surfaces: anterior and premolar
Facial, lingual, mesial surfaces: molars 7 and 8All tooth surfaces: anterior9 and 10All tooth surfaces: premolars
Facial and lingual surfaces: posterior 11 and 12Mesial and distal surfaces: anterior
Facial, lingual and mesial surfac…