Beauty Teck Orthodontic Instruments 2018

Hammer Head Pliers
Hammerhead plier specially designed for bending wire in the molar region. The two ends are nestled like tongue and groove around the wire so that the wire ends are slightly bent in any direction. Surgical, stainless steel with a matte surface.

Heavy gauge side cutter Magnum

Little force required for cutting through large size wires
due to special design.
We do not recommend using the front third of the
for cutting wires with the maximum indicated


Second Order bending pliers
Designed to put a Z Bend Root Tip Back Bend
(with one easy squeeze) in the Archwire
without removing the Archwire. Comes in

straignt, Double Sided, Narrow and Wide)

Step pliers

Step plier is equipped with a double-sided
offset beak for bayonet-style step bend
• Creates right hand or left hand step-up or

Rose torque bending plier set

T.C Distal end cutter

This is standard cutter easily cuts distal ends. The
inserted blade design will make cutes within
0.5mm of the buccal tube. And catches wire
fragments with a saftety hold features. For round

or retagular wire up .022" x 0.28"

Separating pliers

Used for placement of elastic separators.

Self Lock Bracket Tweezers 
                                                                                   Auto Lock bracket placing tweezers

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